Are my payments safe?

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Due to the nature of crypto currency payments newcomers may be unsure if their funds are safe. here we will explain how payments are processed and stored for our users and creators.

All deposits and withdrawals on our secret are stored offline on a cold storage device. this means when a user makes a deposit to our secret to use our services it is sent via Now Payments secure payments system and forwarded to a secure crypto currency wallet that has no external connections online.

This ensures all funds deposited or withdrawn from our secret are always safe and secure.

What happens when I withdraw?

When you choose to withdraw your earnings to your chosen exchange or external wallet your request is sent to our team to authorize, after a 20% service fee is taken your payment will be sent from cold storage directly to your chosen withdrawal wallet. We do not use any external online services for this process to ensure funds are always secure and sent directly to the recipient.

What if I don’t get my payment?

your payment will be sent directly to the wallet address you provide us. please ensure you provide us with the correct wallet address on the Ethereum network. as payments cannot be reversed. If you have provided us the correct address and still haven’t received your payment within 48 hours, please contact our support team on live chat to investigate.

Our Crypto currency payments are 100% safe and our team take security very seriously. If you have any questions relating to withdrawal or deposit, please check the help section or contact live chat.