Creating your first post

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Once you are a verified creator, you will be able to create free or paid posts and lock them behind a paywall. How? First click on the + in the bottom middle of the screen. 

You’ll be taken to the post screen. Here you’re able to upload images or video directly from your mobile device, set a locked post price and enter a description. 

Firstly, add the images or videos you want to share. Keep in mind that some video files could take a little while to upload, so we recommend having a good internet / data connection for optimum speed. You can add multiple images or videos if wanted.

Then you have the option to select if this is a locked post or not. If the post is locked, all you need to do is enter a price that the viewer has to pay to unlock it, and click save. It is the creators decision how much they charge for their posts.

Once you are happy with your upload, pricing and description, click save and your post will go live immediately.

Please note that posts are moderated by the team. System could sometimes take a few moments for your posts to appear. Posts of an illegal nature will be removed and reported immediately. We also ask the community to report suspecting abuse of our terms of service to keep our secret a safe place to express yourself.

If you experience any problems creating posts or uploading content, please contact the team on live chat where we will be able to help you with your issue.