Getting Paid

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Getting paid for your content via is easy. You have the options to post your videos and pictures behind a locked post (requiring payment for members to see it), a monthly subscription to your profile or via tips and payments via our messaging service.

Your earning balance is available to view in settings > wallet.

All payments are made to creators in USDT crypto currency and a 20% service fee is taken from each withdrawal. Using crypto currency enables you more control over your money as well as being able to accept payments and earn in places where major banking systems are not supported due to the nature of your content. This allows you more privacy and opens your content to an exiting user base of crypto currency users.

Here is an example breakdown of how your earnings are calculated:

Your wallet balance collected via posts, tips and subscriptions is $1000 and you want to withdraw the complete amount.

Once you have provided a wallet address to make the payment a withdrawal process is initiated. Next, your payment will be processed within 24 hours with a service fee of 20% being deducted.

You will receive $800 USDT (which equals $800 USD, since we are using a stable coin to do the transactions) into your chosen crypto wallet. Then you will be able to convert USDT into your preferred currency if wanted.

We recommend using coinbase to withdraw your crypto payments into your chosen bank account due to its simple usability.

You can learn more about signing up to coinbase here.