Why do we ask for identity verification?

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The decentralised and anonymous values of our secret allow our creators to express themselves as publicly or privately as they are comfortable with. To comply with law enforcement we are required to age verify our content creators to ensure they are of legal age to produce content.

We require a creators to complete a simple verification process from the your account before being able to post content.

What do i need?

  • A Valid Date of Birth added to your account
  • Confirmed Email Address
  • Copy of Government Issued ID (Identity Card, Passport, Driving License) matching your date of birth provided.
  • Recent Selfie to confirm you are the same person as the ID provided.

What do we do with your ID?

Your identification is checked against the details you provided, to then satisfy and confirm you are over the legal age to create and provide adult content. Your identification is viewed by a human, approved and then stored in locked encrypted datacenter while you remain a member of our secret. If you decide to close your account, your posts and content are removed from our website along with your identification documents being removed from our encrypted datacenter.

Why do I need to verify my ID?

This is to ensure the safety of our community and our creators. We do not support human or child exploitation in any way shape or form, and will do our best to detect and prevent such activities on our platform. If you believe or suspect such activities could take place on the platform please make our safety team aware of this as soon as possible. We will report this to the relevant authorities in the country of origin.