Your First Payment – Withdrawal

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Below is a step by step guide on receiving your payment.

Due to the nature of the platform and the use of crypto currency, it allows members more freedom and control of their finance, and also allows viewers to anonymously pay for content they perhaps would not like to share on their bank statements.

We make payments in USDT. This is a stable crypto currency that holds a 1:1 value of the US dollar and is backed by the US dollar held in reserves.

In its simplest form, this means $1 USDT is $1 US dollar.

If you are new to receiving crypto payments please follow the simple guide below.

To get paid, you will need a crypto exchange account. We recommended using coinbase for simplicity.

To receive payments directly into your coinbase account login to coinbase and click receive.

Make sure you select USDT from the drop down list.

Copy your wallet receive address into the wallet address section on our platform and also below to confirm it.

At the bottom of the screen click request withdrawal. Your withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours and will be in your account within a maximum period of 72 hours.

Please note: entering an incorrect wallet address could result in lost funds. It is very important that you enter these details accurately. More advanced users can use a self custodial wallet or hardware wallet. since to withdraw their payments all ERC20 USDT addresses are supported.

We recommend coinbase to newer users as it allows you the financial freedom as to when you choose to withdraw to your bank account, or transfer it to another crypto exchange.